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On June 15.2019 our company took over the fast Catamaran "RODON" built in Sweden back in 1992 with the following basic characteristics :

Length : 32 meters 

Passengers : 297 

Radio Communication : A1+A2 

Type : DSC 

Main engines: 2xMTU 16V396 TE74 L1800 kW each

Gearbox: 2xZF BU 755 (rate 1,868:1)

Propulsion: 2x MJP J650R 


Vessel will operate between Larnaca , Cyprus and Jounieh , Lebanon from the 7/7/2019 

Dodecanese Flying Dolphins | Destinations & Brief Info

Fethiye (Turkey) - Rhodes (Greece) Fast Hydrofoil & Ferry Operations


Phoenix Marine Ltd is the agent , manager and operator in Greece for DSC "AEGEAN PRINCE" a fast passenger Hydrofoil operating between Rhodes , Greece and Fethiye , Turkey . 

The management and operation is done under the group company and name brand DODECANESE FLYING DOLPHINS ( .

Kos Island (Greece) - Bodrum (Turkey) Ferry Operation


Phoenix Marine Ltd is operating a conventional ferry departing from Kos Island , Greece on daily basis and operates the route between Kos (Greece) and Bodrum (Turkey) .

The Ferry name is M/V MALENA 

Bodrum (Turkey) - Kos (Greece) Ferry Operation


Phoenix Marine also offers a ferry departing daily from BODRUM (Turkey) in the morning and operates the reverse route .

Name of the ferry is M/V ASIM KAPTAN 

Island Escapes


Island Hopping through our new ferry service effective May 2020

New Ferry Service


Coming May 2020 

Kameiros Skala - Chalki - Tilos - Nisyros - Kos 

Cruising Speed : 33 Knots 

Passengers : 59

Cargo : Yes 

Reefer Cargo : Yes 

Cars : No

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KOMETA "M" TYPE - DSC ALBATROS Operation in Lebanon

EAST MED LINES (خطوط شرق المتوسط)

In June 1991 a Russian Hydrofoil was purchased by our sister company the Lebanon based EAST MED LINES (خطوط شرق المتوسط) . It was a second hand hydrofoil bought from The Seaport Of Sochi  with a sitting capacity of 120 persons, a speed of 35 knots and fully air-conditioned.  The craft arrived in Cyprus in July and test runs were carried out successfully . At the time that EAST MED LINES (خطوط شرق المتوسط)  was already commencing its operations to Beirut from Larnaca with the M/V ORION . Due to the  war broke out in Lebanon and the port as well as the airport of Beirut were closed. EAST MED LINES  operated alone out of the small Christian port of Jounieh . The operation terminated back in 1994 .

EAST MED LINES - خطوط شرق المتوسط

Is still an active company operating mainly in Middle East through occasional chartered ferries and cargo ships . The company is now based in Cyprus . 


EAST MED LINES (خطوط شرق المتوسط) , is in business since 1989 mainly operating ferries between Port Said - Egypt , Jounieh - Lebanon , Larnaca - Cyprus and Tartour - Syria .

The company recently has been bought by SAMWELL LIMITED and is in process of reform .
New fast hydrofoil will start the following route on daily basis as of June 2019 under SAMWELL LIMITED as EAST MED LINES has been liguidated .

During the early years of Dodecanese Interisland Hydrofoils

Ferries Currently Under Our Management & Operation